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EBTech, Inc. offers customized, personalized training at your facility in PADS Power PCB software. Our instructors,  have been training engineers and designers in a variety of subjects for most of their career. They has a very easy training style, letting the user go at his own pace while still teaching all of the fundamentals of the program.
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Engineering/Design EBTech provides indepth printed circuit board (PCB) design training. The design training covers Entry Level to Advanced Level board design on Mentors' PADS software. The training course covers Process, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering requirements and includes electrical, design and analog/digital rules. The training course provides training in component and PCB material selection.
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EBTech's training covers all of the following Design for Excellence issues and concerns.

Design for procurement (DFP, or component engineering); Minimize the number of parts.

Design for manufacturability (DFM); Fit the design to the manufacturing process.

Design for manufacturability (DFT); including in-circuit, functional and system-level testability.

Design for manufacturability (DFMA); Fit the electronic assembly into the mechanical surroundings.

Design for manufacturability (DFS); Both in service and lab serviceability.

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