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What's New Our support philosophy helps you get the most out of our product or services. EBTech has a  tradition of providing the highest quality customer support. In fact, quality technical support is an important part of EBTech's success story.

In today's mission critical electronics design, EBTech's quality support helps you get your design projects done on time and effectively.

As an EBTech software customer, you'll get expert advice on best use, implemention strategy and fast turnaround troubleshooting. Unlimited telephone support is available to trained users.

Projects: Enginering, Design and Manufacturing
About Us    
The Applications Engineering group provides technical and design-in assistance to customers, including the review of circuit designs and printed circuit board (PCB) layouts, free of charge at any time during the design cycle.

Should you require any technical assistance, please contact any member of the Applications Engineering group who will respond in a timely manner.

At EBTech, we understand that the best software in the world won't do the job unless you get the support and upgrades you need, when you need them. Our goal is to provide you with timely and cost-effective support to help you use and enjoy our products!

We provide free telephone technical support for all the products we sell for a minimum of one year after your purchase. If you need any assistance installing or using  the software, just call us or contact us by email. In most cases we can help you on the spot, but even in the toughest cases we usually have working solutions back to our customers within 24 hours. Please note that we will always try to help, but our ability to support older versions of software may be limited.