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Better design, greater flexibility, improved reliability. Just a few of the advantages you can expect from an EBTech solution. Our highly skilled people invest the time to craft the perfect PCB. We understand the important relationships among materials, manufacturing and design. We focus on all the details that help improve the performance. EBTech also provides a range of other services such as training, consulting, programming etc.

"We are certain that your project will benefit from EBTech's expertise in all aspects of electronics; engineering, design, fabrication, assembly, DFM, DFT as well as our ability to enhance and add-value to existing products" Jeff Bailey

Customer Quote:

"Thanks for doing a great job guys, it's been a good experience working with you ....., I look forward to more of the same in the future."

Customer quote upon leaving Intel:

"I enjoyed working with you and appreciate all the time you took to do the finest job and customer service for me .... I hope my guys will recognize the value of having another source - not just a source but an excellent source. So keep up the good work...."

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