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EBTech develops design tools to automate the design process in PADs Layout Environment.  The latest  tools  released include Topology Manager, Topology Pinlister and  ATE Pinlister.    EBTech has also created many custom tools for individual customer requirements. More...
About Us
Products EBTech's  Design Manager, TK,   presented two papers  at the PAD U2U Conference in Santa Clara, CA  April 27-29, 2005.  TK covered VB Scripting and Designing with Topology.  Contact EBTECH Sales if you would like a copy of the presentation.
Apr, 2011: EBTech has moved to our new location in Mesa, AZ

May, 2010: EBTech Now Has a Presence in Albuquerque, NM and Austin, TX

Mar, 2005: PADS Layout Topology Manager  (Released)

Jan, 2005: PADS Layout Topology Manager  (BETA)

Jun, 2004: PADS Power PCB Tool Suite (Released)

Oct, 2003: RJI Technical Sales joins EBTech as Rep for Texas and the Midwest

Sep, 2003: ATE Pinlist Generator (Released)

Jun, 2003: Buried Resistor Tool (Released)

Jun, 2003: Vince Richards joins EBTech, Inc as the Engineering Manager  in Chandler, AZ

May, 2003: EBTech moves to new facilities in Chandler, AZ.

Oct, 2002: Anders Klovenas joins EBTech, Inc as the Design Manager in Tempe, AZ