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Access to a seasoned electrical/mechanical engineering team is an asset most other organizations don't have. Our designers complement the rest of the team by always designing with manufacturing in mind (DFM); from the beginning of every project.
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The anchor of our design and engineering group is the three-person design team (Engineering, Design and Manufacturing engineer) . We have a wide range of experience in designing and concepting everything from simple products to complex electro-mechanical devices. Our designers can offer a fresh perspective to existing concepts or established products that are ready to be updated.
We will work closely with your team to provide exactly what you have in mind. For example, if you are looking for a second round of funding, working prototypes can show investors that you are on the right track.
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Design for manufacturing and excellence

There is much more to design than generating appealing concepts. What good is a clever design if it can't be manufactured? Another point, one that you may find important: We always keep in mind that we're working for You. We're happy to give you options and opinions (we have plenty of both), but we won't tell you what you want. Ours is the role of a skilled and experienced resource. You're the boss.
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